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Tour Guide Systems Rental Germany – hire wireless portable bodypack FM system for indoor or outdoor tours

Tourguide equipment rental germany Wireless portable bodypack FM systems, known also as tour guide systems, are made use of in exhibitions, museums, public spaces or factory buildings in order to ensure a flawless connection between a speaker and the tour group. They are also useful for chuchotage or whisper interpreting. Several groups can participate in tours at the same time due to a flexible selection of channels. Induction neckloops transmit the audio directly to hearing aids for those attendees wearing them. The tour systems are compact and readily stored in cases that are easy to carry.
At PCS we make available the following tour guide systems:

Hire the Sennheiser Tourguide 2020 tour guide system

The advantage of this system is that the receiver is integrated in the earpiece, making it less bulky compared to more conventional headphones and making it easier for the devices to be handed out and collected. This also adds to user comfort when worn for periods of several hours. The system offers up to six channels for diferent groups or also simultaneous transmission on open frequency bands 863-865 MHz. Several groups at a time can be guided with such a system.

Hire the Beyerdynamic Synexis tour guide system

The wireless interpretation and tour guide Synexis system from Beyerdynamic offers wide-ranging and cost-effective solutions at the highest standards. Up to 16 audio signals can be transmitted simultaneously and clearly so that every listener can understand. Several groups at a time can be guided with such a system - as well as interpretation can be submitted.

Hire the Beyerdynamic TTS 300 tour guide system

The Beyerdynamic TTS 300 system operates with high frequency technology. The transmission from wirless speaker microphones to the receivers is carried out using modern UHF (frequency range of 863-865 MHz).

The participants are given a receiver and headphones so they can listen to the transmission channels of either the speaker or the interpreters.

Parallel operation of up to 10 channels are guaranteed with the use of this system, allowing usage in multilingual applications as well as partitioning participants into groups for one tour. A recharging time of only 30 minutes by means of the accompanying charging cases allows the receivers to be put into action again swiftly.

Tour guide system accessories

We offer a wide selection of accessories for the systems presented here, which include:

Charging cases and carrying cases
Microphone pendants
Induction neckloops
Spare parts and rechargeable batteries
Custom designs
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