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Interpreting equipment rental PCS Germany

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental

With PCS you can rent as many mobile interpreter booths as necessary. We take care of the planning, transportation logistics, customer support as well as assembly, installation and dismantling. You can lease the booth but may as well rent the relevant interpreting technology, conference equipment or acoustic sound systems.

The Audipack Silent Series interpreter booths

We exclusively lease Audipack Silent Series (Audipack Silent 9300/9600) here at PCS. These booths have become the de facto standard in the branch of professional conference equipment worldwide. They implement mobility and flexibility, meet excellent soundproofing and are certified according to ISO norms (i.e. ISO 4043:2016).

The characteristics of the interpreters booths

ISO certified
Superior acoustic insulation
Modular and adjustable
Equipped with an air ventilation system
The industry standard

PCS interpreters booths (Audipack Silent 9300 Series) specifications

ISO certified
The Audipack booths are certified according to ISO Norm 4043/2016 and DIN 56924

210 kg

Excellent Soundproofing
24 dB

Interior dimensions
160 cm x 160 cm x 200 cm (width/depth/height)

Exterior dimensions
168 cm x 168 cm x ca. 220 cm (with fan, width/depth/height) (Please keep 0.5 m space clear for the door - opening to the left, right or rear)

The layout of the PCS interpreter booths

ground plan interpreter booth

Left: standard booths for two interpreters, right: expanded booths for 3 interpreters (Audipack Silent Series 9300/9600)

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    Why do I need interpreter booths?

    Interpreter booths are the standard working place of the simultaneous interpreter. These booths are normally used at multilingual conventions, conferences and events. As interpreters do their job in a soundproof booth, they are not been heard by anyone outside of the booth. In combination with the appropriate interpreting technology, every participant at a conference is able to listen to the languages provided through his/her receiver/headphones. Two interpreters share one booth and keep rotating every 20-30 minutes. It is however possible to expand the booths to accommodate three or four interpreters as well (as for high level medical conferences).

    How many booths do I need?

    The number of booths necessary depends on how many languages there are to be interpreted. On average one booth less than the number of languages spoken at the conference is needed. Basically, there is one language spoken at the conference and a second one is being interpreted, meaning one booth is required. For every additional language to be interpreted, another booth needs to be added. A booth is required for each language for special occasions and for particularly complex scientific topics. A professional interpreter or a member of our staff can be consulted for questions and support in such a situation.

    How to lease an interpreter booth

    We provide all of the relevant figurs for your event, ideally when we know the number of languages, the approximate size of the rooms where the event is to take place and the number of attendees that require a translation. Even if such information is not readily available, we can still send an offer with various options at your disposal.

    We take care of the planning, transportation, customer support, set-up and disassembly of the booths as well as monitor all the rented equipment during your event.

    If specified, we’ll gladly take care of transporting the booths to the event location as well as assembly by our skilled personnel. This also includes support from our technicians regarding the equipment, technical aspects and any needs the interpreters may have during the event, if desired. Once the event is over, we take care of the disassembly and removal of the booths as well as all of the relevant equipment.

    If you would like to lease interpreter booths from PCS GmbH, then you can obtain all of the necessary relevant equipment from us.

    event full service rental PCS Germany

    PCS Conference Service: four locations within Germany

    With four business sites across Germany, we provide you with seamless logistics and top-quality conference technology which is adaptable and reliable to use – from a single microphone to simultaneous interpreting equipment for up to 32 languages.


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