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Hybrid events – planning, implementing and organising your event

We connect people, rooms and locations. Digital participants, on-site participants, speakers and viewers around the world take part in the same event: a hybrid event. Despite being in different locations, they can communicate with each other easily and intuitively, give presentations and speeches, have discussions and network.

We take care of the technical equipment, video and sound production necessary to create a seamless event. We manage participants for you, provide technical support and ensure that the internet connection is both stable and secure.

Event coordination
All technical equipment
Audio and video direction
Integration of simultaneous interpreters
Integration of all available video conferencing systems
Secure and stable internet connection
Participant management
Unlimited number of participants worldwide

What are hybrid events?

Hybrid events bring together in-person and digital events. We connect rooms, video conferences and streaming viewers worldwide. The result is a seamless event experience. A hybrid event can be any size – from a small meeting to a large conference with several thousands of participants worldwide. Hybrid events leave nothing to be desired – any combination is possible.

Here are some examples:

  • We connect different company sites. Just meet at your usual conference venue (annual general meeting, cross-company meeting, European Works Council meeting, supervisory board meeting)
  • We connect your attendees on site with video conference participants or streaming viewers
  • Press conferences or panel discussion with both on-site participants and online participants who are connected via video

Consulting and planning for hybrid events

As with any other event, hybrid events require thorough preparation. Let us help you find the right technical solution for your event. Our end-to-end support includes product demonstrations of digital platforms and an assessment of your venue.

Hosting hybrid events


Our events team can deliver the complete technical equipment and coordinate your hybrid event.

In the run-up to the event we manage registrations, plan the logistics and coordinate all parties, and set up and provide support for the technical equipment to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

During the event our project managers coordinate video and audio engineers as well as interpreters. Our technical event coordinators assist virtual attendees in logging on to the event, coordinate speeches and participant presentations and provide technical support throughout. On site or by remote computer access. Our audio and video directors ensure that all participants have access to the full video and audio experience.

After the event we dismantle the equipment quickly and completely. We manage the post-production of video recordings, make the recording of streamed events available on your website and organise the translation of recorded contents by professional interpreters.

Streaming of hybrid events

We enable both private and public live streaming services. Participants all over the world can tune in and follow your event in real time. Our streaming services connect rooms, locations and visual experiences , creating a seamless event despite geographical distance. We record your event and make it available to your customers and the event participants for streaming even after the event has passed.

Video conferences for hybrid events

We are able to integrate all major video conferencing platforms into our hybrid events, such as Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams and many more. At your request, we can provide our own video conferencing software as well as technical video conference management. For extra data security and GDPR conformity, video conferences may also be set up via PCS’s own certified server.


Interpreters for hybrid events, remote interpreting and interpreting studios


We connect simultaneous interpreters to your hybrid event. The interpreters are located in one of our PCS interpreting studios (hubs), which can provide real-time translation into up to 32 languages at once. Alternatively, the interpreters can work on-site as part of a PCS hybrid event. Are you planning to provide the recording of your event in several languages? The interpreters’ rendition can be recorded during the event or recorded in our studios afterwards, as your needs require.

For more information about our interpreter studios please visit
Interpreter studios and remote interpreting

Integration of video conferencing systems

Our hybrid events are compatible with all major video conferencing systems such as Zoom, Cisco Webex Meetings, Microsoft-Teams, Skype, GoToMeeting and more. We integrate your existing platform into the event. Combining several systems is also possible. If you wish, we will provide the required licenses for video conferencing software.

For maximum data security and GDPR conformity, video conferences and streams may also be set up via our own certified server.

Pre-production and post-production of videos

Have you considered pre-producing videos of lectures, keynote speeches and other presentations? We will record the speaker and edit the video footage, which you can make available to participants via your event’s website. After the event, we will provide you with a cut that is tailored to your needs.

Technical equipment for your hybrid event

You can rent all the equipment needed for your hybrid event: audio and video equipment, cameras, displays, microphones , headsets, lighting equipment, loudspeakers, table microphones, interpreting equipment and much more.

Hybrid events: many formats, just as many terms

There is a whole range of terms for events, conferences or meetings which rely on streaming, video conferencing systems or other digital transmission technologies. These include:

  • Hybrid events
  • Digital events
  • Virtual events
  • Online events

Don’t let this confuse you. At the end of the day, what counts is that your event is a success. Contact us for a consultation on the best solution for your event.