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PCS is your quality supplier for conference technology

Founded in 1995 PCS are a leading provider for interpreting equipment, discussion systems, tour guide systems, electronic voting systems and conference equipment. We are your partner for dependable planning, professional solutions, and meticulous implementation.

Service is the key to everything we do. With more than 1,500 international conferences and fixed installations each year, PCS is one of the largest service providers in the sector worldwide.

PCS offers a full range of services in all areas of conference technology

  1. Installing and integrating conference equipment and media systems
  2. Supporting multilingual events
  3. Hiring out conference equipment
  4. Conference and AV media technology sales
  5. Tailored solutions, maintenance and repair
  6. Training and service for interpreters

Specialists form the backbone of PCS

All of our staff are highly trained. Our team comprises experts from the audio and video industry: engineers, events technology managers, skilled electricians, programmers and event technicians. Ongoing training, continuous training and instructing apprentices are part of our every day work – from event technology managers and media experts to master craftsmen. In addition to our training seminars for external contractors, technicians and interpreters at four sites in Germany, this makes us a leader in staff training, too.

PCS works sustainably

While all of our equipment is highly reliable and durable, economy is key – in terms of weight, materials and power consumption. The future of our multimedia technology is green – and smart. Our fixed systems offer high-quality, energy-saving solutions thanks to state-of-the-art control unit design.

What’s more, we place high value on creating sustainable solutions for our own facilities and equipment, too. Our fleet consists of low-carbon vehicles, and thanks to our network of business sites we are never far away from your venue, keeping travel distances to a minimum.

PCS operates independently of any manufacturer

Working with all renowned conference equipment manufacturers, we can offer a unique product range throughout Europe, which is complemented by tailor-made installations and customised solutions “made by PCS”. We are distributors for Sennheiser, Bosch, Beyerdynamic, Televic, Audipack, Panasonic, Shure, Crestron, AMX and many more.

PCS is fast and flexible

PCS is constantly expanding its network of offices in Germany: you can now find us in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf and Heilbronn.

With over 30 people employed in planning, scheduling, project management and field service, our response to your requests and needs is alwaysprompt. Our wide range of equipment allows us to serve several major events simultaneously and to react flexibly to unforeseen changes in requirements.

PCS is a world player

We service customers in Madrid, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Tokyo, Moscow and many other places around the world. We relish the challenge of international conferences and are dedicated to serving our customers.

PCS offers tried and tested operational reliability

For every job that we undertake, you can depend on us at the highest level. We’re accustomed to exceeding our customers’ expectations every time, ensuring that the event runs smoothly wherever it may be. Competitors offering cheaper services than us will find it hard to uphold the industry regulations and safety standards that they have to adhere to. This includes periodic inspection on electrical appliances in accordance with German BGV A3 safety regulations and DIN VDE 0701/0702 electrical standards, to fulfil BGV C1, BGI 810 and DIN 15750.

PCS is highly committed

PCS advocates the interests of interpreters, conference centres, technicians and venue staff. We work closely with interpreter associations and are an active member of the Professional Lighting and Sound Association of Germany. We go beyond the borders of our work to ensure perfect communication.

PCS is innovative

We’re well aware that we can only rise to the challenges of the future by maintaining a high-tech knowledge base. PCS was the first German company to introduce radio frequency simultaneous interpreting equipment, developed new interpreting equipment with Beyerdynamic that perfectly fits the needs of the interpreter, and has a sustained research and development partnership with manufacturers such as Bosch, Shure and Sennheiser.

The quality of and possible uses for conference technology are growing all the time – and fast. PCS is contributing to this development in Germany and through partnerships around the world.

Customer satisfaction

Our customer satisfaction motto goes without saying so that we do not even bother to put it in our top ten: we constantly seek to provide the best customer satisfaction we possibly can. The equal partnership between us and our customers, suppliers and employees makes for successful projects and forms the strategic basis of our long-term success.